Predix Transform 2016 Recap: Fighting 110 Degree Heat to Secure Industrial IoT

July 28, 2016

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas will definitely not be the impact of GE’s Predix Transform Conference that was held from July 25-27 at the Cosmopolitan. It was obvious that GE has invested large sums of cash and time and expertise into the Predix Machine. We got to interface with key GE business units, including but not exclusive to GE Aviation, Oil and Gas, Lighting, Healthcare, Ventures, Global Research, Digital…the list goes on and on. We had two of GE’s very own security team help us promote at our booth and we had great traction. The star of our booth, however, was our very nifty giveaways: the webcam cover! Deloitte Digital team came by for thirds; however, the conversations we had with them were definitely more interesting. Deloitte Digital is working with smart devices and aligning their services with Industrial IoT and Smart Cities. Largely known as a consulting firm, we were surprised to hear that there is a strong team of engineers building hardware for IoT.

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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Develops A "Smart Transmitter"

April 24, 2012

On Tuesday, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation announced it will partner with Dexcom, a continuous glucose monitoring system vendor, to develop a "Smart Transmitter" able to communicate with multiple components of a closed –loop artificial pancreas. While there is emphasis on eliminating the wires and making things easier, there is little to no focus on any security implications with the new design.

Wireless is the direction that all medical devices are heading. But vendors need to take security concerns very seriously with these types of devices. The possibility of malicious activity related to these devices may be minimal, however, even the slightest impact is so significant that security has to be made a priority in the engineering phase of all medical devices.

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Seemed Like a Good Idea ...

September 29, 2011

When the designers of the Ducati Diavel motorcycle wanted to push the technology envelope, they opted for a keyless ignition, much like late model autos. As we've previously reported, automotive keyless ignition systems are vulnerable to attacks. So it shouldn't surprise us that the motorcycle is also susceptible to attacks. What did is the "how."

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Feds to Probe Medical Device Vulnerabilities

August 22, 2011

Alarmed by new research showing the increasing vulnerability of wireless implanted medical devices, two members of Congress have asked for hearings on the security of these devices.

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Hacking Homes Through The Power Lines

August 9, 2011

X10 is a communication standard for communicating between home automation devices. It is primarily used over power lines, providing brief frequency bursts to initiate, for example, On and Off controls. At this year's DefCon, researchers showed how X10 can be manipulated by a remote third party.

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