Google's NFC Chips Vulnerable

June 21, 2011

Less than one month after announcing Google Wallet, the company is working to fix what one researcher characterized as a "stupid software bug" within the NFC chips on the Nexus S mobile phone.

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Memory Tokens That Can Stand The Heat

July 12, 2010

To combat the rising incidence of counterfeit medical products, medical device manufacturers can implement removable memory tokens that contain product authentication keys and other security features. However, the continued reuse of these small, detachable tokens in demanding hospital and healthcare settings can be problematic.

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Imagining Cyber-Warfare

July 11, 2010

A new class of warfare is on the horizon. Governments worldwide are scrambling to prepare for the possibility of conflict in the “fifth domain” - cyberspace. Will World War III take place on the internet? The possibility is being explored, as documented in a new article from The Economist.

But how to prepare for a war waged in the digital realm? And what are the stakes? As more and more of the world's infrastructures are given access points on the web, the possibility of collateral damage inflicted by electronic attacks becomes increasingly real. Of particular concern is the security of the smart grid systems that will one day encompass our electrical networks. Opinions vary on the vulnerability of SCADA systems (networks that regulate industrial systems like power plants), however the consensus is that serious risks are present.

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50 Arrests Made in Smartphone Spyware Probe

July 7, 2010

In sweeping raids conducted throughout the country last week, Romanian officials rounded up some 50 individuals accused of illegal espionage using an off-the-shelf product. Police have also arrested a 30-year old IT specialist accused of supplying the illegal software to suspects. According to Softpedia, he may have been reselling FlexiSPY, a product that advertises monitoring capabilities for a variety of smartphone platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

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