Global Electronics Giant Freescale Goes Public

By JDavis | 3/4/11 5:08 AM

In February, Freescale Semiconductor Holdings announced a $1.15 billion IPO as their corporate stock became available to the public for the very first time. As the world’s leading developer of embedded semiconductors, Freescale has dominated the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking, and wireless markets in more than 30 different countries. Including their most noteworthy role as the in-house chip supplier at Motorola, Freescale has built key components for the Razr, Apple’s notebook computers, and more.

The company’s reorganization is almost complete. Freescale has laid out many innovative plans for the near future, building up performance and credibility as they keep pace with the popular electronics including Kindle and Sony tablet readers.

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VIDEO: Freescale Explores Connected Intelligence

By JDavis | 12/29/10 6:06 AM

In a stunning new video, Freescale Semiconductor offers their vision of the emerging era of connected, smart technology--what they refer to as the "world without PCs."

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Cracked Code Causing Increase in Auto Thefts?

By JDavis | 12/7/10 6:56 AM

After 16 years of decline, car theft has been on the rise in Germany. And at a recent embedded security conference, one researcher offered a surprising idea as to why. Citing the widespread adoption of engine "immobilizers"--key fobs that transmit encrypted signals to a car's receiver that, when recognized, permit the vehicle to start--researcher Karsten Nohl described the ease of deciphering the simple encryption used in this technology.

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The Risks of Assumed Security

By JDavis | 8/22/10 2:41 PM

While today's tech landscape is rapidly changing -- transitioning toward cloud computing, mobile devices and the internet of things -- the way tech companies approach and speak to security is changing as well.

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Flaws Uncovered in Popular RTOS

By JDavis | 8/15/10 10:21 AM

Recently presented at the Security B-Sides and DEFCON conferences in Las Vegas, two critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in VxWorks, Wind River's popular embedded OS that is used in tens of thousands of designs for "smart devices" from organizations including Cisco, Apple and even NASA.

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Cavium Buys MontaVista

By JDavis | 11/15/09 6:45 PM

The embedded device ecosystem is yet again undergoing seismic shifts as big players position themselves for the coming "Internet of Things." The world of embedded Linux is changing yet again with the announcement that Linux developer MontaVista has been acquired by chip maker Cavium Networks.

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Building Firewalls for Embedded Systems

By JDavis | 2/9/09 2:33 PM

Despite the fact that there are upwards of 120,000 new malware signatures identified every week, and that attacks on embedded systems are rapidly increasing, most embedded software developers fall into the trap of believing that their devices are safe. Using decade-old rationales, they explain that their devices are immune from malware because of their unique physical and architectural characteristics, such as the use of flash storage and non-x86-based processors.

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