The Most Mobile Malware Award Goes To ... Android

June 25, 2014

According to one antivirus vendors, Android is host to 96 percent of all mobile malware.

In a report from F-Secure, there were no new malware families reported for iOS, J2ME, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile at the end of last year, strongly suggesting that malware development has solidly locked on Android systems. Android appears to be taking shares away from Symbian, the previous malware record holder. In final quarter of 2012, Android malware jumped from 49 to 96, while Symbian malware dropped from 21 to just 4.

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New SpyEye Banking Malware is Signed

June 24, 2014

As a security practice, new apps on Symbian-based phones don't get installed unless they are digitally signed, however, a new mobile malware manages to fool the operating system with a clever digital certificate.

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