FBI Tracks Cellphones Via "Stingray"

By Robert Vamosi | 3/11/13 4:02 AM

Apparently the ability for the FBI to track cellphones has been used for nearly two decades, a new report states.

According to the Slate, a case known as United States v. Rigmaiden first brought attention last October to the use of "stingray," a secretive device used to capture International Mobile Subscriber Identity or IMSI numbers. IMSI numbers can be traced to specific handsets and user whenever they come into contact with cellular towers, leaving digital breadcrumbs documenting the location of a user at any given moment that the mobile device is functioning.

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Shawn Henry On "The Most Significant Threat That We Face Today."

By Robert Vamosi | 7/26/12 12:09 AM

Black Hat USA 2012 keynote speaker Shawn Henry said that cyberwar isn't "computers vs computers but humans vs humans."

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US Senator: Is Facial Recognition Regulation Needed?

By Robert Vamosi | 7/19/12 7:49 AM

the proliferation of facial recognition apps and services has prompted one US Senator to wonder if legislation is needed.

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The Darkside of Cybercrime Arrests

By Robert Vamosi | 4/23/12 4:07 AM

Last November, the FBI joined with local authorities to take down a cybercrime ring as part of Operation Ghost Click. Unfortunately, in the course of the scam the cybercriminals changed the victim's DNS settings so that the compromised machines always used the criminal's own look up of Internet addresses and not one of the legitimate DNS root name servers. The FBI take down would have left thousands of machines without a way to navigate the Internet so the government set up a temporary solution.

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FBI Reveals Telephony Denial of Service Scam

By JDavis | 7/14/10 11:05 AM

Have you received an unusual amount of strange phone calls on a mobile or land line recently? If so, you should be aware of a scam that uses automated phone calls to gain access to users' accounts, leaving its victims with drained bank accounts. It's a rare example of Telephony Denial of Service (TDOS) attacks being used directly against consumers.

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FBI Warns of Growing Mobile Malware Threat

By JDavis | 6/8/10 10:35 AM

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses the growing concern among experts that mobile app security is not keeping up with the rapidly expanding smartphone/mobile market.

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