FIPS Validated vs FIPS Compliant, What's The Difference?

By Robert Vamosi | 7/17/14 5:45 PM


A lot of companies are saying they are FIPS 140-2 compliant. This is not the same as saying they are FIPS 140-2 certified or validated. The differences are important to recognize.

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SHA-3 Winner Announced

By Robert Vamosi | 10/3/12 1:58 AM

There's a winner in the contest for the new Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 180-3, Secure Hash Standard or more simply “SHA-3.″

The winning algorithm is Keccak (pronounced “catch-ack”), created by Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen and Gilles Van Assche of STMicroelectronics and Michaël Peeters of NXP Semiconductors. The algorithm was one of five finalists, down from an initial pool of 63 candidates back in 2007.

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Mocana Announces Security Detail

By Robert Vamosi | 6/21/12 6:05 AM

Today Mocana announced four comprehensive security suites that comprise software, services, warranties and support tailored to help device OEMs developing Android, industrial control and smart grid applications create safer, more secure products for the Internet of Things. Known as Mocana Security Detail(TM), these suites help organizations protect against today's threats and prepare for the evolving threats of tomorrow by including the necessary security software, training and support to meet or exceed the most important industry and government security guidelines.

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Bit9: FIPS Compliance May Weaken OpenSSL

By Robert Vamosi | 4/24/12 6:30 AM

A security researcher has poked holes in an upcoming release of a FIPS-based OpenSSL version by arguing that it is insecure before it is even available.

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Mocana Speaker at the Smart Grid Conference

By JDavis | 8/26/09 7:15 PM

Mocana's own Phil Montgomery will be part of an expert panel on smart grid security at the Smart Grid Conference next week in Los Angeles. He'll be talking about some of the challenges device manufacturers and integrators face when trying to rollout next-generation electricity infrastructure that's greener, but tougher for hackers to compromise.

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Selling to the Government and FIPS

By JDavis | 7/20/09 7:13 PM

In today's difficult economy organizations are looking to maximize their government business - after all, the business of government continues no matter the state of the economy, and government is the single largest IT spender by segment.

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