At&t Wants To Put Security Rings Around Things

By Robert Vamosi | 6/10/13 9:55 AM

Gartner 2013 Security & Risk Summit — In a talk on the threat landscape as seen by a mobile network carrier, Michael Singer of at&t said that in security "you do one thousand things right and nothing happens—you have to accept this as success."

He said that based on his perspective, 2012 was about customers finally becoming aware of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Although attacks, where the bad actors try to flood a particular service with bogus packets of data, are well-known, he said there have been recent advances. Attacks on Layer 7 or Volumetric attacks can be mitigated, but criminals are getting innovative. He said there have been several rather novel attacks of late although he didn't disclose what made them so.

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