Mocana Announces Internet TV Security Study

By JDavis | 12/15/10 8:59 AM

Mocana, a company that focuses on securing the "Internet of Things", today announced a new study that highlights several important digital security flaws discovered in one of the top best-selling brands of Internet-connected HDTVs. Researchers believe it's likely that similar security flaws exist in other Internet TVs and recommend that consumers seek out third-party security tests of the appliances before they are purchased and installed in the home.

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App Stores: Moving from Phones to TVs?

By JDavis | 10/31/10 6:20 AM

Adobe's AIR -- a Flash-based app development platform -- allows developers to create applications that run on a number of devices and platforms, including iPhones and tablets. And according to a recent article on, the latest devices to support will AIR apps will be televisions.

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Nearly Half of TVs Will Ship With Internet By 2013

By JDavis | 5/31/10 10:31 AM

As internet connectivity continues to pop up in newly-designed devices, flat panel TVs are increasingly being integrated into home networks with a variety of new features. An estimated 19% of TVs sold in 2010 will feature ethernet connections, and developers like Netflix have seized the opportunity to provide content for these new devices.

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