Size Matters In BYOD Posture Study From Harvard

By Robert Vamosi | 6/26/13 12:16 AM

How you behave with a laptop differs from how you behave holding a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, says a new study.

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Podcast: Erik Peterson On MAP 2.0

By Robert Vamosi | 4/10/12 2:52 AM

This week's podcast, Erik Peterson, Principal Engineer at Mocana, discusses MAP 2.0 with Robert Vamosi, and relates his experience bringing Mocana's unique mobile app protection solution to Apple's iOS.

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Arduino Boards Can Remotely Start Your Car

By Robert Vamosi | 2/6/12 7:01 AM

Arduino boards are useful among security researchers for rapid prototyping of tools used in analysis. There's even an ARM-based version. Now researchers say they can start a car remotely using an Arduino board and a jailbroken iPhone.

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iPhone Glitch Exposes Photo Albums

By Robert Vamosi | 1/5/12 6:02 AM

One of the new features in Apple iOS5 is the ability to take photos while the iPhone is locked. In theory you should only be able to see the pictures taken during your locked session, but a researcher recently discovered a way to reveal almost all your photos.

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U.S. Army Tests Commercial Smartphones

By Robert Vamosi | 7/19/11 8:15 AM

Soldiers in the field may soon be able to use smartphones similar to their own personal iPhone and Androids, according to US government officials.

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iPhone App "Shoulder Surfs" Passwords

By Robert Vamosi | 7/15/11 2:15 AM

A South Africa security company has found a way to digitally shoulder surf passwords from iPhones and iPads.

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iPhone Encryption Hacked

By Robert Vamosi | 5/26/11 3:25 AM

A Russian security company has found a way to crack the hardware encryption on iOS 4-based devices—but the company is only offering the service to law enforcement and the military.

On Wednesday, ElcomSoft, a company that specializes in cracking Microsoft Office and OS passwords (useful to enterprises whose employees leave suddenly), said it had created a toolset that circumvents the hardware encryption chip Apple uses by extracting the keys. Rather than using a hardware dump, which is encrypted but missing some data, the toolkit accesses the full device showing investigators geolocation data, browsing history, call history, text messages, emails, usernames and passwords. It also reveals information the user has deleted.

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Compromising Data on iPhones

By Robert Vamosi | 5/24/11 6:52 AM

In a talk last week at the Hack In The Box security conference in Amsterdam, Laurent Oudot, founder & CEO of Tehtri-Security, demonstrated different offensive concepts around smartphone memory attacks.

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Blackberry Users Advised to Turn Off Javascript

By JDavis | 3/24/11 6:05 AM

According to Blackberry's manufacturer, Research In Motion (RIM), a vulnerability in the open source WebKit browser engine could make remote code execution possible on some models. If exploited, an attacker would be able to read or write to the built-in media storage section of a BlackBerry or to the media card, but would not gain access to user data that the email, calendar and contact applications stored in the phone. Nonetheless, the manufacturer is recommending that Blackberry users disable Javascript as a precaution.

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Jail Broken and Wild: IBM Identifies High-Risk Devices Hitting Corporations Where It Hurts

By JDavis | 3/11/11 6:15 AM

In a report flagging jail broken phones as potential security threats, IBM urged the industry to consider the near future of mobile security at the 2011 IBM Pulse Conference. With more consumers doing e-commerce on smart phones, there is a greater financial incentive for hackers to jail break these devices.

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