What Lies Ahead for Internet Security

By JDavis | 12/10/10 6:47 AM

In a recent blog post, Symantec's Kevin Haley offers a comprehensive list of predictions about the direction of Internet Security in 2011. Among the predictions are:

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Critical Infrastructure Under Political Cyberattack

By JDavis | 10/20/10 12:33 PM

With the recent findings that the Stuxnet worm was indeed sophisticated malware designed as an industrial weapon, concerns about the cybersecurity of industrial and critical infrastructure are at an all time high. Now comes a report that over half of critical infrastructure has already been the target of politically-motivated attacks.

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Preparing for International Cyber War

By JDavis | 9/20/10 2:52 PM

A recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald detailed the upcoming "Cyber Storm", an international cyber security drill organized by the US Department of Homeland Security. While details are understandably scarce for reasons of international security, it is the third Cyber Storm drill since 2006.

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Growing Security Concerns Block Enterprise Use of Consumer Devices

By JDavis | 9/16/10 7:44 AM

The below graph -- from this week's InformationWeek -- clearly shows that concerns about Trojans, viruses, and malware are at the top of enterprise IT's list when it comes to the use of personal devices on the corporate network.

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Your Smart Grid Security Bill: $3 per Meter

By JDavis | 9/12/10 3:22 PM

A recent Pike Research blog post discusses the first Smart Grid Cyber Security Summit in San Jose, CA as well as the major market opportunities in the smart meter security sector. As posted on Pike Research,

After listening to some of the expert presentations...[t]he refrain was consistent: the current grid, with its hodgepodge industrial control system (ICS) technologies, is highly vulnerable to a cyber attack that could destroy critical generation and T&D assets. Resulting outages could last for weeks, causing economic devastation. Smart grid integration could make it worse. Utility IT staffs with some security knowledge don’t understand ICS, and operations groups that do don’t trust, or even like, the IT groups. Nationally, very few experts (perhaps tens to low hundreds) understand enough ICS and IT to be useful.

However, according to Pike Research, the silver lining is that progress is being made in prioritizing security for the next-generation smart grid, with increased R&D from smart meter vendors as well as support from Congress.

Additionally, Pike Research points out the tremendous market opportunity in the smart meter security sector, forecasting revenue of upwards of $3.00 per meter over the next five years.

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Mocana's 2010 Mobile & Smart Device Security Report

By JDavis | 8/23/10 10:34 AM

Mocana is pleased to announce the release of our 2010 Mobile & Smart Device Security Report, (PDF) "Concern Grows as Vulnerable Devices Proliferate, Smartphones are the Tip of the Iceberg".

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Depsite IT, Industrial and Utility Security Still Weak

By JDavis | 5/17/10 9:19 AM

In a comprehensive interview with CNET News, security expert Joe Weiss -- an authority on cybersecurity in the industrial and utilities industries -- discusses the ongoing disconnect between IT security and the world of critical infrastructure. (A subject we've discussed before).

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Will Update Make iPhone Enterprise-ready?

By JDavis | 4/13/10 9:00 AM

Since its release less than three years ago, the Apple iPhone has become a massively successful network device. With its always-on connectivity and access to an enormous range of third-party apps, consumers have flocked to the iPhone around the world. But as they bring these devices in to the corporate environment, these same features become serious concerns for enterprise IT experts attempting to ensure the security and integrity of a company's data.

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Conference Highlights the Latest in Medical IT

By JDavis | 4/12/10 9:21 AM

From electronic medical records systems to wireless patient monitoring devices, a wide range of new healthcare technologies and IT systems were on display at this year's Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference in Atlanta. And with over $20 billion in Federal healthcare IT stimulus money soon-to-come, healthcare providers at the conference were ready to move ahead with the latest innovations in healthcare IT.

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Security Industry Experts Warn of Enterprise IT Weaknesses

By JDavis | 4/5/10 10:21 AM

Mocana CEO Adrian Turner recently joined a group of security industry leaders for an in-depth discussion of the latest threats to enterprise security and the best strategies available to business IT for addressing these threats and preventing future catastrophe.

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