What Are "Weaponized Exploits" Anyway?

By Robert Vamosi | 7/31/13 5:15 AM

LAS VEGAS -- At an informal security event hosted by Codenomicon on the eve of Black Hat USA 2013, Charlie Miller and other researchers debated the term "weaponized exploits" while defending his own record of having sold an exploit to the US government.

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Microsoft Announces Its BlueHat Prize Finalists

By Robert Vamosi | 6/22/12 2:51 AM

Microsoft has announced the three finalists for its first ever BlueHat Prize. The winner, to be announced July 26 at BlackHat, will recieve the grand prize of $200,000 USD. The second prize is $50,000 USD, and the third prize is an MSDN subscription, valued at $10,000 USD. The award is given to the researcher who designs a novel runtime mitigation technology to prevent the exploitation of memory safety vulnerabilities.

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