The Amphion Forum Washington D.C. 2013 Call For Papers Is Now Open

By Robert Vamosi | 1/28/13 3:35 AM

The Amphion Forum call for papers is open for the upcoming Washington D.C. event in May 2013. According to Kurt Stammberger, CISSP and Amphion Forum Chair, new this year will be a up to $1000 travel expense reimbursement for academic, federal and non-profit organization speakers, if selected.

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The Myth Of That $1 Trillion Cybercrime Figure

By Robert Vamosi | 8/2/12 2:13 AM

There's an article on ProPublica dissecting two commonly quoted figures about cybersecurity: $1 Trillion in losses due to cybercrime itself and $388 million in IP losses for American companies. Both figures, according to the article are hyperbole to say the least.

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Gen. Alexander: Cybercrime is 'the greatest transfer of wealth in history'

By Robert Vamosi | 7/11/12 1:48 AM

In an address before the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) last Monday, the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) U.S Army General Keith Alexander said cybercrime is "the greatest transfer of wealth in history," referring to the relative ease in which criminals can loot a victim's account through online practices.

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McAfee: Mobile Malware Rises 1200%

By Robert Vamosi | 5/23/12 4:56 AM

Malware targeting the Android platform has grown from a few hundred last year to thousands this year, says one security company.

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Intel CEO on the Mobile Device "Marathon"

By JDavis | 10/17/10 10:18 AM

Intel's recent acquisition of PC-security giant McAfee -- a move that Mocana's CEO Adrian Turner discussed here -- was seen as the company's latest move into the device market. There has been a lot of talk about the company's future in mobile and device technology and the latest talk is coming straight from Intel.

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Can Intel Conquer the Smart Device Market?

By JDavis | 9/30/10 2:54 PM

A recent blog post takes a look at Intel's move into the smart and mobile device market –– demonstrated by Intel's recent acquisitions of a number of mobile- and device-related companies. Among these are Wind River Systems, Texas Instruments' cable modem business, and most recently security software company McAfee -- which we recently posted about here. As posted on,

Will Intel turn itself into a growth company by grabbing big market share in the handheld world in coming years? And in the process take on ARM...the British chip firm that dominates mobile phones? [...]

The doubters don’t think Intel can commit itself to a business other than PCs, and that this effort, like others, will leave it still reliant on PC chip sales.

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Mocana's CEO Adrian Turner on the Intel / McAfee Deal

By JDavis | 8/18/10 3:14 PM

Dear Friends of Mocana:

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