Weezer Song Disrupts BlueTooth Devices In Lab

By Robert Vamosi | 5/28/13 10:35 PM

Updated 6/1/13: Correction below.

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After Silence, Medtronic Now Talking About Medical Device Security

By Robert Vamosi | 10/3/12 2:57 AM

After fighting against security researchers who expose vulnerabilities in their products, medical device manufacturer Medtronic is opening up about security.

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New Bi-Partisan Medical Device Legislation Announced

By Robert Vamosi | 3/16/12 2:43 AM

In Washington, Senators Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.) co-authored legislation that would better regulate the fast-growing medical device industry.

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Johnson & Johnson Warned By FDA Over Insulin Pump Failures

By Robert Vamosi | 1/12/12 3:33 AM

In late December, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson a letter warning of possible penalties for not reporting life-threatening vulnerabilities with its OneTouch Ping and 2020 insulin pumps. It is unclear whether the vulnerabilities are outright device failures or from interference or manipulation from outside sources.

After an inspection at Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary plant in West Chester, Pa., the FDA discovered one complaint about series patient injury and two other incidents never reported. According to the FDA one patient was hospitalized with diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition where the body does not have enough insulin. Another received high doses of insulin. And a third patient suffered serious injury, which could include coma, respiratory failure, and hypoglycemia as a result of user error.

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Senators Want Better Medical Device Safety

By Robert Vamosi | 12/19/11 3:46 AM

Three US Senators have introduced a bi-partisan Medical Device Patient Safety Act to stem medical device recalls and shore up existing FDA policy on product approval. Already one medical technology group is opposed.

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Medtronic: "Never Had a Real Report of a Real Hacking"

By Robert Vamosi | 8/29/11 2:42 AM

In early August, researcher Jay Radcliffe gave a very personal demonstration at this year's Black Hat and DefCon security conferences when he hacked his own insulin pump.

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Mobile Implantable Medical Apps

By Robert Vamosi | 7/5/11 2:59 AM

Medtronic has released an app for the iPhone and iPad that allows healthcare workers to access cardiac device diagnostic information and patient data remotely from their mobile devices.

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