The New Secret Weapon: Smart Phones in the Military

By JDavis | 2/3/11 7:21 AM

First the U.S. Army, and now the Air Force are making smart phones their next priority. Right now, the U.S. Air Force is weighing the decision to move towards commercial, off-the-shelf smart phones (e.g., the iPhone or Google Android) for field operations. Their greatest concern is being able to obtain the highest level of encryption that can ensure secure classified processing on a smart phone.

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The Roughest, Toughest Canine Hunter -- Perfectly Engineered for the Military

By JDavis | 2/1/11 2:18 AM

What are they up to now? Some of the latest robot innovations from military contractors will astound you. Some of the top companies, funded by U.S. government projects, are releasing the latest generation of machines to be used for the military.

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Drones at Home

By JDavis | 11/4/10 11:54 AM

We've posted before about the embedded technology and security aspects of military drone aircraft -- unmanned, self-piloting craft often used for weapons and surveillance. And now this sophisticated technology is being miniaturized and adapted into a number of consumer applications.

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