The New Secret Weapon: Smart Phones in the Military

By JDavis | 2/3/11 7:21 AM

First the U.S. Army, and now the Air Force are making smart phones their next priority. Right now, the U.S. Air Force is weighing the decision to move towards commercial, off-the-shelf smart phones (e.g., the iPhone or Google Android) for field operations. Their greatest concern is being able to obtain the highest level of encryption that can ensure secure classified processing on a smart phone.

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Android Platform Sees First Military Application

By JDavis | 6/22/10 11:54 AM

We previously posted about the growth of Google's Android platform beyond the realm of smartphones into a range of consumer electronic devices. And now, as recently reported on, a major military defense contractor has brought Android in to the battlefield in what could be the first military application of Google's open source platform.

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