"MiniFlame" Is Targeted Malware, Experts Say

June 25, 2014

Researchers have identified new malware with connections to both Flame and Gauss. Previously the new malware was thought to have been just a plugin for Flame. New research shows that "miniFlame" as it is called is one of the three unknown malware packages also communicating through the Flame Command & Control servers

According to Kaspersky Labs, "The SPE malware, which we call "miniFlame", is a small, fully functional espionage module designed for data theft and direct access to infected systems. If Flame and Gauss were massive spy operations, infecting thousands of users, miniFlame/SPE is a high precision, surgical attack tool. miniFlame is in fact based on the Flame platform but is implemented as an independent module. It can operate either independently, without the main modules of Flame in the system, or as a component controlled by Flame."

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