AT&T Tests Solar-Powered Charging Stations In New York

June 25, 2014

AT&T is rolling out solar powered gadget charging stations all across New York City. A press release says "AT&T Street Charge is a direct outgrowth of Superstorm Sandy when AT&T powered the City’s distribution centers with commercial generators and pop-up cellular service. New Yorkers who had lost power for days or longer flocked to the centers seeking a charge and a way to communicate to the outside world."

The 25 test kiosks are made by solar tech company Goal Zero and Brooklyn design firm Pensa and will be in locations representing each of the five boroughs. Estimates are that it will take a smartphone two hours to fully charge or one third of charge in half an hour. What someone will do during this time standing out on a sidewalk is unclear.

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Researcher: Mobiles Subject To Radio Attacks

June 25, 2014

According to security researcher Eric "Musclenerd" McDonald, the “baseband chipset”, the part of the mobile phone that handles all radio communications, is subject to attacks.

In a podcast on Risky Business, McDonald explains that while the attacks are theoretical now, the might not be in the near future.

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AT&T Ending 2G Support

June 24, 2014

AT&T will be ending mobile service to 2G-only phones within the next five years.

In a 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), AT&T announced "We expect to fully discontinue service on our 2G networks by approximately January 1, 2017." The filing states that as of June 30, 2012, roughly 12 percent of AT&T customers were using 2G-only handsets.

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