Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigative Report Lacks Mobile Data

By Robert Vamosi | 4/24/13 4:52 AM

Verizon's annual Data Breach Investigative Report is out, adding in the resources of 19 law enforcement organizations from around the globe. While the report is a treasure trove of information about who is likely to be committing data breaches, it lacks data specific to breaches involving mobile devices.

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The Evolution of Mobile Threats

By JDavis | 6/30/10 1:09 PM

As mobile phones continue to evolve, they've become nearly as fast, powerful, and connected as personal computers. With this transformation has come drastically increased susceptibility to malware and viruses, as consumers use their internet-connected phones to download apps and access banking information.

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Juniper Exec: 4G Devices Bringing Malware with Speed

By JDavis | 6/21/10 9:53 AM

A recent Network World article describes the new security vulnerabilities posed by the latest smartphone technologies -- specifically the new, high-speed 4G mobile networks. Because today's smartphones have processors, storage capacities and network connection speeds that nearly rival those of PCs, they are becoming increasingly subject to the same malware and security threats that have long afflicted the PC market.

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Windows Mobile Malware Targets Gamers

By JDavis | 6/16/10 8:45 AM

We've already posted about the growing threat of mobile malware as the mobile/smartphone market expands faster than security can keep up with it.

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iPad Security Breach Embarrasses Apple, AT&T

By JDavis | 6/9/10 9:43 AM

An recent report on Gawker details the discovery of a security breach that has exposed the email addresses of over 100,000 iPad owners--among them high-ranking government and military officials and media moguls--along with corresponding iPad ICC-ID data that could potentially leave the devices open to spam and malware. The ICC-ID is a device-specific identifier used to authenticate each iPad's SIM card on the AT&T network.

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FBI Warns of Growing Mobile Malware Threat

By JDavis | 6/8/10 10:35 AM

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses the growing concern among experts that mobile app security is not keeping up with the rapidly expanding smartphone/mobile market.

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New Android Apps for Wiretap-proof Communications

By JDavis | 6/6/10 8:32 AM

Just released for public beta, two new apps promise wiretap-proof communications for wary users of Android-based smartphones. Developed for Google's Android mobile platform by hacker Moxie Marlinspike and his startup Whisper Systems, the "RedPhone" app encrypts calls made over VoIP using ZRTP, an open source cryptography scheme. Their "TextSecure" app employs a similar open source cryptography method known as "Off The Record" to send and receive scrambled text messages. As he described in a recent blog posting, Marlinspike intends for the apps to be used in place of Android phones' built-in calling and texting systems, thereby subverting insecure communication systems.

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Symantec Makes Strategic Investment in Mocana

By JDavis | 5/26/10 9:47 AM

Following closely on the heels of their purchases of PGP and VeriSign, Symantec has made a major investment in smart-device security specialist Mocana, actually leading the company's C-round of venture financing. As part of Symantec's new "Norton Everywhere" initiative--aimed at securing the growing world of internet-connected, non-PC devices--the resulting technology partnership will expand Symantec's offerings into the "Internet of Things."

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Create Your Own Cellphone Network

By JDavis | 5/2/10 10:29 AM

While most of us depend on major carriers for cell phone service, it is now possible to create small GSM networks for relatively little expense using parts that can be found at many hardware stores. Within these networks callers can communicate between handsets on a local level, and on an internet-enabled system calls can be made over VoIP.

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Researchers Find Ways to Track and Spy on Mobile Phones, Legally

By JDavis | 4/27/10 10:15 PM

A recent article on CNET reports that researchers have found a way to target a person's mobile phone, obtain its number, locate the phone geographically, track the phone's--and its owners--movements, and ultimately listen to the phone's voicemail messages. But the most shocking aspect of this cyber-spy scenario is that it is completely legal, using databases and protocols that are part of the mobile telecommunications system.

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