Google And NASA Launch Quantum Computing Lab

By Robert Vamosi | 5/20/13 1:42 AM

NASA and Google have partnered to create a new quantum-computer-based artificial intelligence lab in California.

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Hacking Curiosity (The Mars Rover That Is)

By Robert Vamosi | 8/13/12 4:05 AM

Over the weekend, NASA sent a firmware update to the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Was the code authenticated by the remote device? Does it matter?

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NASA's Curiosity's Biggest Risk? Upgrading Its OS

By Robert Vamosi | 8/7/12 5:29 AM

Having traveled millions of miles and plummeted thousands of miles through the thin atmosphere of Mars, NASA's Curiosity Rover still has its biggest challenge: Updating its OS.

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Flaws Uncovered in Popular RTOS

By JDavis | 8/15/10 10:21 AM

Recently presented at the Security B-Sides and DEFCON conferences in Las Vegas, two critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in VxWorks, Wind River's popular embedded OS that is used in tens of thousands of designs for "smart devices" from organizations including Cisco, Apple and even NASA.

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