Apparently Microsoft Did Try To Acquire Nokia After All

By Robert Vamosi | 6/24/13 6:55 AM

When Microsoft partnered with Nokia a few years ago to sell Windows mobile phones the obvious question was why didn't they acquire the hardware manufacturer?

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R.I.P. Symbian OS

By Robert Vamosi | 6/17/13 7:12 AM

One of the first mobile operating systems, Symbian, is final at an end. But Nokia, the company that developed the OS is promising continued technical support through 2016. The last phone to include Symbian is the Nokia Pureview 808.

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Google Android Faces Microsoft, Nokia Battle In Europe

By Robert Vamosi | 4/11/13 7:30 AM

Microsoft, Nokia and other companies have asked the European Union to take antitrust action against Google and its Android product.

According to the Reuters news service, the EU originally received complaints about Google's product on the PC, but recently this has shifted to Google's Android phone. AT issue is the way Android conducts searches, automatically using its search engine. Microsoft makes Bing, another search engine with relatively modest adoption.

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Samsung leads in Smartphone Growth

By Robert Vamosi | 5/10/11 2:59 AM

According to IDC, in its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Samsung shipped 2.4 million units in the first quarter of 2010, and 10.8 million in the first quarter of 2011. That's a 350 percent increase over the previous year.

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New SpyEye Banking Malware is Signed

By JDavis | 4/5/11 8:42 AM

As a security practice, new apps on Symbian-based phones don't get installed unless they are digitally signed, however, a new mobile malware manages to fool the operating system with a clever digital certificate.

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Nokia: Symbian OS To Be Phased Out

By JDavis | 3/31/11 6:06 AM

In an open letter to Nokia phone developers, the company says Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS will replace its Symbian OS on new Nokia phones by 2012.

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Mobile Malware Heats Up

By JDavis | 3/29/11 8:53 AM

Malicious mobile attacks have become more numerous and complex during 2010, according to the latest report from Kaspersky Labs.

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Nokia and the Internet of Things

By JDavis | 12/5/08 1:45 PM

Nokia and its partners are developing a smart home platform that will enable any mobile device equipped with a Web browser to serve as the remote control for household security, monitoring and energy-management systems. With open APIs and protocols, plans call for "any device with a browser" to connect to the Nokia Home Control Center remotely or locally. Ultimately, intentions are to develop technologies to cover safety and security, energy savings, wellness, real-estate management and building technologies, and home automation.

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