A Bright Idea: Why Not Have Light Bulb Apps?

By Robert Vamosi | 3/11/13 8:03 AM

On Monday, Philips introduced an SDK for its Hue wireless LED light bulbs. Yes, you read that right: Philips wants developers to create apps for its LED light bulbs.

According to Technology Review "the APIs let programmers write custom iOS applications for Hue" to control the color of the light or set lights to go on and off on a schedule.

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Inexpensive Side Channel Attacks Threaten Smartcard Security

By Robert Vamosi | 6/24/11 3:23 AM

Researchers at the 7th Workshop on RFID Security and Privacy 2011 (RFIDsec11) in Amherst, Massachusetts, will demonstrate this weekend a way of observing (and therefore decoding) the encrypted RFID signals from common contactless smartcards. While side channel attacks (SAS) are not new, the method they propose to observe the electronic leakage of data is considerably less expensive than previous methods and thus provides a real world threat as RFID comes into the mainstream.

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Green Lights Ahead

By Robert Vamosi | 5/18/11 6:26 AM

NXP's new line of low-power GreenChips are small enough to fit inside energy efficient household light bulbs. Since they have their own unique IP addresses, users can use their smartphone, tablet, PC or internet-enabled TV to dim or switch lights on and off remotely.

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Get Ready For "Smart" Sponges

By JDavis | 4/6/11 8:53 AM

RFID tags will soon track surgical sponges within the operating room or left inside the body.

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