Panasonic's Cloud-Based “Smart Vegetable Garden”

By Robert Vamosi | 1/16/12 2:57 AM

TechCrunch reports from last week's CES 2012 that Panasonic will announce a home garden that uses cloud-based technology used to track growth. It can, for example, automatically screen the level of water and nutrients, or the temperature in the growing environment. No word yet on whether the cloud-based system will use encrypted communications.

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AT&T and Panasonic Plan "Connected" Cars

By Robert Vamosi | 6/9/11 5:57 AM

AT&T and Panasonic are planning to turn Peachtree City, Georgia, into a model community with digitally connected cars of all makes roaming its streets.

The two companies plan to create customized products for global automotive manufacturers in North America starting in late 2011. Panasonic Automotive Systems Company will supply the hardware and integration services, and AT&T will supply the connectivity. The companies will focus on passenger entertainment systems.

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