The Importance Of Salted Hashes

By Robert Vamosi | 7/20/12 3:56 AM

After the security breach that resulted in LinkedIn, eHarmony and Yahoo Voices users having their password hashes being published, there has been talk about storing passwords with salts. What does this mean?

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Embedded OS Leaks Chinese Passwords

By JDavis | 4/22/11 6:28 AM

The usernames and passwords for more than 10,000 job applicants for positions with China's State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs are accessible to the outside world at loosely protected or unprotected computer servers operated by the Chinese government, according to a security researcher.

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iPhone Hackers Can Gain Access to Your Passwords in 6 Minutes or Less

By JDavis | 2/18/11 8:08 AM

German researchers recently discovered how easy it is for someone to jailbreak your iPhone and reveal your passwords in six minutes. This type of hack doesn’t require the use of the phone’s passcode, mainly because the cryptographic key on current iOS devices operates independently from it.

The attack works based on existing vulnerabilities on Apple’s iPhone that enable access to the operating file system. Many of the passwords available to the attacker range from Google or Microsoft Exchange email accounts to VPN and WiFi access and more.

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Hacking robots to turn into murderous gangs... more news at 11

By JDavis | 10/12/09 12:08 PM

A recent study investigates how inadequate security and privacy features make it possible to turn household robots into machines for spying and vandalism.

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