DeviceLine Radio Show: Kaspersky Labs' Roel Schouwenberg On "Operation Red October"

By Robert Vamosi | 1/24/13 10:26 PM

Our guest this week is Roel Schouwenberg, Senior Researcher, Kaspersky Lab. He had a hand in investigating Operation Red October aka Rocra which his company published details about last week. Among the more interesting features is the malware's ability to steal data from Apple iPhone and Windows Nokia phones.

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"Red October" (aka Rocra) Malware May Be Russia's Flame

By Robert Vamosi | 1/17/13 10:36 PM

Earlier this week, researchers announced what might be the Russian equivalent of the US-produced Stuxnet/Flame malware. Unlike Stuxnet/Flame, the new malware can also be used to infect smartphones.

Researchers at disclosed that they'd identified malware dubbed "Red October" or "Rocra" that targeted government agencies in Europe, including NATO.

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