New SCADA Vulnerabilities Come With a YouTube Video

November 26, 2012

A Malta-based security company that sells 0-days to vendors has released a Vimeo video highlighting vulnerabilities the company has discovered in various SCADA software systems.

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Analyzing ICS/SCADA Cyber Attacks

November 14, 2012

Researchers, looking at seven years of data, have concluded that Industrial Control Systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks in the near and foreseeable future.

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Kaspersky Authors SCADA OS

October 16, 2012

Recent against SCADA and industrial-control systems have lead one security researcher to create a secure OS of his own.

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Increasing Use Of Public Cellular Networks In ICS/SCADA

April 27, 2012

At the recent Midwest Energy Association Summit, discussion broke out about "negotiating private cellular communications versus dependence on fully public networks" among the ICS/SCADA operators present. Many, apparently, are installing their own femtocell and microcell deployments, despite the costs and regulatory issues around frequency bandwidth and use.

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Langner: Stuxnet Is a Stealth Control System

January 18, 2012

Speaking at the S4ICS conference in Miami, FL on Wednesday, Ralph Langner described Stuxnet as a long-term Man-in-the-Middle attack rather than a short-term virus attack.

Stuxnet is a two-step malware product that first infects Windows systems, then attacks Siemens System 7 PLC units, such as those being used in Iran for nuclear research. Langner, a security researcher who knows more about Stuxnet code than practically anyone else, was quoted as saying, "we are 100 percent confident that Stuxnet's target was the Natanz enrichment plant in Iran."

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