The Internet of Things Expanding on Mobile Networks

By JDavis | 1/4/11 5:35 AM

An informative post on the GigaOM blog discusses some significant forecasting recently released by Swedish research group Berg Insight. Looking at the current and future utilization of mobile network traffic, the data seems to indicate that the Internet of Things--including sensors, smart meters, e-book readers and other devices--will constitute a major portion of mobile network data.

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Comprehensive Report on Smart Devices and The Internet of Things

By JDavis | 11/17/10 7:36 AM

The Economist has assembled an impressively comprehensive look at the state of smart, connected technology--The Internet of Things--and what its continued, rapid development holds for the future.

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New iPhones Could Know Users By Heart

By JDavis | 5/16/10 10:07 AM

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has revealed a patent application submitted by Apple that details plans for a hidden iPhone sensor that can receive cardiac signals when held in human hands. These signals would be analyzed to form a unique imprint of the bearer's heart beat that would function as a security measure to lock out unauthorized users.

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Smart Dust: Coming Soon (Security Not Included).

By JDavis | 2/9/10 7:46 AM

A recent article in The New York Times examines a number of advancements in the world of high-performance sensors, all of which make the emergence of "smart dust"--a previously theorized worldwide network of super small, low-power, high-performance embedded sensors--one step closer to reality. Unfortunately, security is rarely one of the design considerations.

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MOCANA BYLINE Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

By JDavis | 9/20/09 7:25 PM

Despite their ubiquity, security and networking technologies for sensors and other smart objects are still very much in their infancy, and there is tremendous technical and market opportunity in this arena. With major computational and communication resource constraints, these networks require new security solutions developed from the ground-up, as integral parts of their architectures.

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