Batchwiper Follows Stuxnet/Flame Onto Iranian Computers

By Robert Vamosi | 12/18/12 2:35 AM

A new data wiping malware is targeting Iranian computers networks, according to an alert from that country's Computer Emergency Response Team.

Known as Batchwiper, because the destructive element is found within a batch file, the malware systematically wipes data found on Windows-based drives with letters D through I. AlienVault has detailed analysis of Batchwiper's installation and payload.

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Officials: Saudi Cyber Attack Targeted Oil and Gas

By Robert Vamosi | 12/10/12 7:22 AM

Saudi officials have concluded that the cyber attack on its Aramco facility in August was a targeted attack designed to disrupt the flow of oil and gas.

According to the Reuters news service, Aramco and the Saudi Interior Ministry are still conducting an investigation into the cyber strike, but felt comfortable releasing their first public comments on the event over the weekend. Previously it was reported that 30,000 workstations were compromised by the Shamoon malware. Unnamed insiders also told Reuters in September that insiders may have been used.

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Shamoon Code Weak But Effective

By Robert Vamosi | 9/12/12 2:55 AM

Researchers have linked the Shamoon malware to a group of politically active criminal hackers as opposed to a nation-state.

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Researcher: Wiper Malware Related to Stuxnet, Duqu

By Robert Vamosi | 8/30/12 2:19 AM

Clues connecting malware that wipes a hard drive clean to state-sponsored malware have emerged.

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Researcher: Shamoon Malware Contains A Coding Error

By Robert Vamosi | 8/22/12 3:28 AM

The recent malware targeting Saudi oil refineries might not be state-sponsored, according to new research.

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Shamoon Malware Targets The Energy Industry

By Robert Vamosi | 8/17/12 3:02 AM

Malware that permanently wipes data from compromised machines is perplexing those in the energy sector.

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