Podcast: Happtique CEO Ben Chodor On Health Apps Best Practices

By Robert Vamosi | 6/29/12 4:54 AM

In this week’s podcast, Happtique's CEO Ben Chodor discusses the need for healthcare apps to have security with host Robert Vamosi. Happtique is a mobile application store developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, offering substores to healthcare enterprises—like hospitals, continuing care facilities, and physician practices. In part two of this two-part interview, Chodor discusses best security practices for healthcare apps. Part one can be found here.

You can listen to part two of the podcast here.

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Mozilla's Alternative to Google Android?

By Robert Vamosi | 2/16/12 4:22 AM

Mozilla is getting ready to reveal its new Boot 2 Gecko (B2G) OS. As an operating system built around a browser, B2G is similar to Google's browser-based Chrome OS. According to Technology Review, Mozilla hopes to debut a phone with B2G by the end of this year.

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Generation Flaw Found in RSA Keys

By Robert Vamosi | 2/15/12 2:21 AM

With a witty title, the academic paper "Ron Was Wrong, Whit Was Right" is sure to stir controversy int he days going into the annual RSA conference in San Francisco later this month. "Ron" is Ron Rivest, the "R" in the RSA algorithm, while "Whit" is Whit Diffe, author of the Diffe-Hellman algorithm. Both are gentleman are the authors of popular public key encryption systems, however researchers now say that "RSA is significantly riskier than for \single-secret" ones such as ElGamal or (EC)DSA which are based on Diffe-Hellman."

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Trojan Attacks on Quantum Cryptography

By Robert Vamosi | 2/1/12 4:05 AM

The security of device-independent quantum key distribution (QKD) has been called ineffective by a team of researchers.

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Device Security Ratings Group Releases First RFC

By Kurt | 1/30/12 5:57 AM

The Amphion Device Security Ratings (DSR) working group has released an initial taxonomy for public comment. Interested parties can view the Taxonomy here: http://cl.ly/Dmgs and submit their comments on the document via a brief online survey, here:

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TSA: Commuter Trains Hacked In December

By Robert Vamosi | 1/24/12 3:37 AM

Twice during the month of December, commuter trains in the Pacific northwest were delayed because of cyber attacks, according to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) summary first reported by NextGov.

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Teleconference Systems Fail Secure Implementation

By Robert Vamosi | 1/23/12 4:41 AM

Many companies are buying expensive conferencing equipment but installing it poorly, according an article in the New York Times

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Reality-fooling Malware and Unencrypted Satellite Signals

By Robert Vamosi | 1/20/12 5:20 AM

This week, Mocana's senior analyst Robert Vamosi and senior solutions architect James Burns talk about how Stuxnet attempts to deceive the abstraction layer for software execution and about hacking unencrypted satellite signals.

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DeviceLine Podcast for January 13, 2012

By Robert Vamosi | 1/13/12 5:58 AM

... And we're back on the air.

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Smart Meters Hacked, Part Two

By Robert Vamosi | 1/10/12 4:30 AM

Yesterday, DeviceLine talked about two German researchers who could intercept and decipher what videos you were watching by eavesdropping on your smart meter. Today, DeviceLine is talking about a more serious concern: spoofing energy usage data from your smart meter.

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