Chipmakers Entering the Connected Device Market

By JDavis | 1/13/11 11:53 PM

As the Internet of Things continues to expand, with a constantly evolving stream of new devices connecting to the internet, chip manufacturers are preparing new offerings designed for products completely outside the usual applications of PCs and mobile phones.

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LG Announces New Smart Grid-Connected Appliances

By JDavis | 1/10/11 3:14 AM

A new series of smart appliances just announced by LG will--in addition to having smart grid connectivity--communicate with each other over the network, as well as connect to owners' smartphones and tablet devices, giving them control over a wide range of energy-saving and diagnostic functions--bringing the kitchen to the forefront of the Internet of Things.

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The Smart Grid-Connected Home of the (Very Near) Future

By JDavis | 8/24/10 2:43 PM

A recent article on CNET News looks some of the latest innovations in smart, green consumer technology in the home. Much of the new technology taking shape today will rely upon the increasing presence of smart grid utilities.

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Smart Grid, Smarter Hackers

By JDavis | 4/5/09 5:53 PM

Researchers have discovered several security vulnerabilities in Smart Grid, a digitally based system designed to give customers and power companies better control over their electricity use. These flaws could allow hackers to access the network and cut power via the network. With more than 2 million devices in play and 17 million more planned for release in the coming years, the potential ramifications are devastating.

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Nokia and the Internet of Things

By JDavis | 12/5/08 1:45 PM

Nokia and its partners are developing a smart home platform that will enable any mobile device equipped with a Web browser to serve as the remote control for household security, monitoring and energy-management systems. With open APIs and protocols, plans call for "any device with a browser" to connect to the Nokia Home Control Center remotely or locally. Ultimately, intentions are to develop technologies to cover safety and security, energy savings, wellness, real-estate management and building technologies, and home automation.

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