Smart Meter Hacking Tool

By Robert Vamosi | 7/23/12 2:14 AM

Smart Meter security just got interesting with the release of a new hacking tool.

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Krebs: FBI Warned Utilities of Smart Meter Hacks in 2010

By Robert Vamosi | 4/9/12 3:27 AM

According to a report today on KrebsonSecurity, the FBI apparently investigated hacks on smart grid meters in the Puerto Rico more than two years ago. In May of 2010, the FBI then warned other utilities that such frauds could continue to spread because of "the ease of intrusion and economic benefit to the hacker and the electric customer."

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DeviceLine Podcast for January 13, 2012

By Robert Vamosi | 1/13/12 5:58 AM

... And we're back on the air.

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Smart Meters Hacked, Part Two

By Robert Vamosi | 1/10/12 4:30 AM

Yesterday, DeviceLine talked about two German researchers who could intercept and decipher what videos you were watching by eavesdropping on your smart meter. Today, DeviceLine is talking about a more serious concern: spoofing energy usage data from your smart meter.

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Smart Meters Reveal Movie and TV Viewing Habits

By Robert Vamosi | 1/9/12 3:59 AM

German researchers, presenting at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress (28c3), say they can guess what's on your digital TV based on unencrypted signals from certain Smart Meters.

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Toyota To Build Cloud-based Telematics System

By JDavis | 4/8/11 6:45 AM

Looking toward the future, Toyota will collaborate with Microsoft to build a cloud-based telematic system for its cars by 2015.

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Government Report Finds Smart Grid Security Inadequate

By JDavis | 1/21/11 7:57 AM

A new document from the U.S. Government Accountability Office--the auditing office of the U.S. Congress--assessing the current state of security of the rapidly deploying smart grid networks around the country finds that necessary built-in security features are often missing from the networks and the smart meters themselves.

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Your Smart Grid Security Bill: $3 per Meter

By JDavis | 9/12/10 3:22 PM

A recent Pike Research blog post discusses the first Smart Grid Cyber Security Summit in San Jose, CA as well as the major market opportunities in the smart meter security sector. As posted on Pike Research,

After listening to some of the expert presentations...[t]he refrain was consistent: the current grid, with its hodgepodge industrial control system (ICS) technologies, is highly vulnerable to a cyber attack that could destroy critical generation and T&D assets. Resulting outages could last for weeks, causing economic devastation. Smart grid integration could make it worse. Utility IT staffs with some security knowledge don’t understand ICS, and operations groups that do don’t trust, or even like, the IT groups. Nationally, very few experts (perhaps tens to low hundreds) understand enough ICS and IT to be useful.

However, according to Pike Research, the silver lining is that progress is being made in prioritizing security for the next-generation smart grid, with increased R&D from smart meter vendors as well as support from Congress.

Additionally, Pike Research points out the tremendous market opportunity in the smart meter security sector, forecasting revenue of upwards of $3.00 per meter over the next five years.

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The Smart Grid-Connected Home of the (Very Near) Future

By JDavis | 8/24/10 2:43 PM

A recent article on CNET News looks some of the latest innovations in smart, green consumer technology in the home. Much of the new technology taking shape today will rely upon the increasing presence of smart grid utilities.

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The Smart Meter "Off Switch"

By JDavis | 8/11/10 2:12 PM

While the transition to Smart Grid technology brings with it the promises of energy conservation, and hopes to empower consumers with a higher awareness of their power consumption, many are concerned that with these benefits will also come key vulnerabilities to the electrical grid -- and for that matter, the safety of entire nations. In Britain, for example, researchers at Cambridge University have brought to light a vulnerability associated with plans to introduce "pre-paid" energy consumption for consumers with a history of defaulting on payment. The practice would require a standard remote shut-off scheme which, depending on encryption methods, might make it relatively easy for a malicious third party to disable meters remotely.

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