VIDEO: A Smarter Planet Requires Smarter Security

By JDavis | 8/31/10 1:57 PM

A recent video from IBM discusses the crucial need to include security by design for the smart grid -- as well as all aspects of the data-driven, interconnected "smart planet."

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The Smart Grid-Connected Home of the (Very Near) Future

By JDavis | 8/24/10 2:43 PM

A recent article on CNET News looks some of the latest innovations in smart, green consumer technology in the home. Much of the new technology taking shape today will rely upon the increasing presence of smart grid utilities.

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From The Internet of Computers to The Internet of Things

By JDavis | 8/5/10 9:26 AM

The "Internet of Things" is an evolving cross-industry collaboration, in which objects themselves become part of the internet--just as we interact with things, things will interact with us, and eventually each other as nodes of a growing network. As processing energy requirements decrease and processors themselves become smaller, it becomes possible for processing to take place in many places using items like sensors and RFID tags. This is the Internet of Things, and a new research report (PDF) traces its development from inception through its current incarnation, to its future possibilities.

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MOCANA BYLINE Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

By JDavis | 9/20/09 7:25 PM

Despite their ubiquity, security and networking technologies for sensors and other smart objects are still very much in their infancy, and there is tremendous technical and market opportunity in this arena. With major computational and communication resource constraints, these networks require new security solutions developed from the ground-up, as integral parts of their architectures.

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Mocana Joins 'IP for Smart Objects' (IPSO) Alliance

By JDavis | 1/12/09 2:22 PM

The IPSO Alliance is a group of leading technology vendors and users which promotes the use of Internet Protocol (IP) for connecting 'smart' objects and delivering information to and from those objects. 'Smart objects' include just about anything that is network addressable and can deliver state, sensor or processor data, including consumer devices like cellphones and GPS receivers, as well as the manufacturing automation infrastructure devices that form the bedrock of the modern economy, like sensors, actuators, process controllers and assembly line robotics.

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