Sony Xperia Tablets Coming To Japan This Spring

By Robert Vamosi | 1/22/13 2:00 AM

A new version of Sony's Xperia tablet will be available this spring in Japan.

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New Sony PlayStation 3 Encryption Keys Public

By Robert Vamosi | 10/29/12 4:11 AM

A group calling itself the "Three Musketeers" has claimed responsibility for disclosing the PlayStation 3 console's LV0 decryption keys, effectively enabling anyone to see and spoof a firmware update from Sony.

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LulzSec Hackers Pleaded Guilty

By Robert Vamosi | 6/26/12 3:14 AM

Two members of Lulzsec, an offshoot of Anonymous, pleaded guilty on Monday to computer abuse charges in the UK.

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More Digital TV Vulnerabilities Disclosed

By Robert Vamosi | 4/23/12 4:05 AM

Another researcher has disclosed vulnerabilities in a digital TV, this time buffer overflow that can be remotely controls via iPad, Android and other software/devices.

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Sony Bravia Remote Denial of Service

By Robert Vamosi | 4/11/12 3:49 AM

The day when we need to monitor and update our digital TV's firmware is closer. Already one researcher has discovered an effective Denial of Service attack on his home digital TV. The flaw is specific to one model of Sony Bravia digital TV, but may affect other models as well.

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Teleconference Systems Fail Secure Implementation

By Robert Vamosi | 1/23/12 4:41 AM

Many companies are buying expensive conferencing equipment but installing it poorly, according an article in the New York Times

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RSA To Replace SecurID Tokens

By Robert Vamosi | 6/7/11 6:44 AM

Almost two months after a data breach at RSA compromised the SecurID token-based authentication product from RSA, the company has admitted the compromise was more extensive and is offering customers replacement tokens.

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Cybercrimes Go Mainstream

By Robert Vamosi | 5/31/11 7:18 AM

A data breach at Lockheed Martin recently claimed a rare feat: A May 31st front page story in the Wall Street Journal. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Lockheed Martin issued a press release re-assuring employees and customers that none of its sensitive data was stolen. But what made it newsworthy was that the breach, which appears to be related to an March data breach at EMC/RSA specifically affecting the SecureID tokens used by Lockheed Martin, points to a growing trend that criminal hackers in 2011 are not necessarily in business for the money: information for information's sake is also valuable, enabling criminals to leverage one big attack to commit another.

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A Sony PlayStation 3 Botnet?

By Robert Vamosi | 5/2/11 9:27 AM

We know that when millions of compromised computers are linked together the resulting botnet can be used to spew spam or create large denial of service attacks. But, could the same happen with compromised Sony PlayStation 3 gaming consoles? Marsh Ray, a senior software engineer at PhoneFactor who along with CTO Steven Dispensa discovered an SSL flaw in 2009, has proposed an intriguing theory about the initial hack and how the PlayStation hack could lead to a botnet.

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