Critical SSH Backdoors In Multiple Barracuda Networks Products

By Robert Vamosi | 1/24/13 10:24 PM

Several Barracuda Networks products contain backdoors that are hardwired into the operating system, and assessed remotely via SSH or the local terminal, according to the SEC Consult of Austria.

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Freescale Enhances MQX Security with Mocana's NanoSSL and NanoSSH

By JDavis | 10/13/10 6:28 AM

AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 13, 2010 – Freescale Semiconductor announced today it is offering expanded security capabilities for its MQX™ real-time operating system (RTOS) by integrating source code versions of Mocana’s NanoSSL™ and NanoSSH™ software. Freescale customers can download and unlock special MQX-optimized versions of Mocana’s code for just $199 (USD) through Freescale and redistribute an unlimited number of binary copies in their own solutions, royalty-free.

Through this offering, embedded developers will have access to fully supported commercial cryptography solutions with instant online access to source-code versions of the NanoSSL and NanoSSH client software products. Integrated into Freescale’s Processor Expert configuration tool, NanoSSL and NanoSSH allow easy implementation and customization through embedded components and do not require crypto expertise on the part of the developer.

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Vocality Picks Mocana to Protect New Portable Satellite Communications Gear for Soldiers

By JDavis | 9/7/10 2:48 PM

Vocality, a company that builds ultra-portable network routers and secure voice over IP devices for tactical and defense applications, announced that it has standardized on Mocana's Device Security Framework™ technology to provide security services for its miniature BASICS IP router designed for military backpacks, also known as "manpacks" and first responder communications platforms. The Vocality BASICS IP product offers a fully PC104-compliant network router in an ultraportable form factor, perfect for integration into soldiers' tactical kits, manpacks and field communications kits.

The BASICS IP router package, incorporating Mocana's IP security capability, is available and shipping today to Vocality's end users and systems integrator partners.

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ClearCube Secures Centralized Computing Solutions with Mocana

By Mocana | 7/13/10 2:01 PM

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 14, 2010
Mocana Corporation, a company that focuses on securing networked devices, today announced that ClearCube Technology, Inc. has licensed its NanoSSH and NanoSSL technology to securely manage its centralized and virtualized computing solutions. ClearCube's solutions allow users to integrate powerful PC blade technology, cutting edge user access devices and expert professional services to give organizations comprehensive, high performance centralized computing and virtual desktop solutions. With a growing proportion of enterprise business being done on client side devices in centralized/virtualized environments, secure management is critical.

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Hints from Mocana Engineering

By JDavis | 4/16/09 6:00 PM

Does Mocana implement all RFC REQUIRED, MUST and SHOULD?

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How Much Do You Really Know About (SSH) Security?

By JDavis | 10/6/08 2:08 PM

This informative article explains how to approach an actual integration of SSH into embedded and mobile devices, while answering some key SSH configuration questions. Regardless of whether you're a "Newbie, Intermediate or Expert" security type, learn how to make informed technical decisions about communications modes, encryption ciphers, and authentication methods.

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