Qualcomm's Tricorder XPrize

By Robert Vamosi | 1/11/12 2:15 AM

On Tuesday, at CES, Qualcomm announced the launch of a $10 million global competition XPrize aimed at empowering personal healthcare. The goal is to produce a working "tricorder," a device similar to the gadget first used on the 1960's television and later film franchise Star Trek. The stated goal is to produce "the equivalent of a board of physicians in your pocket, wireless sensors and imaging, you will be able to assess health and determine health care needs with a device in the palm of your hand." The competition was previously announced last year.

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Star Trek Security Lessons

By JDavis | 5/14/09 6:37 PM

Of course the new Star Trek movie contains much advanced and fantastic technology, but even in the 23rd Century security can either save or doom the day. From Kirk hacking into the infamous Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy to Chekov’s botched voice authentication attempt, check out these spoilers lessons from aboard the Enterprise.

Computerworld’s Ira Winkler “Sizes up security in Star Trek”.

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