Podcast: James Burns on Internet-Accessible Device Vulnerabilities

By Robert Vamosi | 5/25/12 5:36 AM

In this week’s podcast, Mocana’s Senior Security Architect James Burns discusses Internet-accessible device vulnerabilities with host Robert Vamosi.

On May 16, researcher Justin Cacak, senior security engineer at Gotham Digital Science, told Wired.com he was able to view content from cameras made by MicroDigital, HIVISION, CTRing and a variety of other cameras that are rebranded. Cacak worked with Rapid7 to develop testing tools for its Metasploit product, allowing companies to see whether their systems are vulnerable. The tool can also be used by criminal hackers to identify targets. In January of this year, the researchers at Rapid7 announced remote vulnerabilities in teleconferencing systems.

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Government Introduces "Perfect Citizen"

By JDavis | 7/8/10 1:14 PM

The Wall Street Journal reports on a new computer network surveillance program being launched by the federal government. The project, dubbed "Perfect Citizen," will be led by the National Security Agency (NSA) who have already contracted defense heavyweights Raytheon for the project.

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U.S. Army Plans for Wider Drone Use

By JDavis | 5/10/10 9:38 AM

The development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ("UAVs") has been a major technological development in U.S. military operations. These flying machines are unmanned, often self-piloted, and have been used for video surveillance in areas too remote or dangerous for military personnel. And, according to a recent Popular Mechanics article, the Army's future plans for this technology include some major advancements.

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Skype VoIP: Who's listening in?

By JDavis | 9/20/09 7:30 PM

Described as the first ever "wiretap Trojan," a new virus that can eavesdrop on calls made with the popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service Skype is raising concerns about the the security of personal computer-driven telecommunications and the prevalence of surveillance in the ecosystem of this increasingly popular technology.

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