Ubuntu Now Available For Smartphones And Tablets

By Robert Vamosi | 1/3/13 5:41 AM

Ubuntu Linux is coming soon to a smartphone or tablet near you.

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Microsoft: 350 Million New Windows 7 Devices In 2012

By Robert Vamosi | 5/24/12 2:46 AM

Microsoft expects to ship as many copies of its Windows 7 operating system in the next 6 months as it shipped in its entire 18 month history.

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An Easy Hack Gets You the Full Android OS on the B&N Nook Color Device

By JDavis | 2/16/11 7:29 AM

For those who want the new Android Honeycomb tablet for a fraction of the price, TechRepublic reports an easy hack that can run the full Android OS on the $250 Barnes and Noble Nook Color device. Out of the box, the Nook Color tablet is built to be a basic e-reader, but it actually runs the Android system on the back end. Once you’re able to hack the Nook Color into the full Android system, you can install your favorite Android apps as well as other e-reader apps, so that you’re not constrained to the Barnes & Noble library.

The hacking process is quite simple, requiring minimal tools and time for the user. Provided by TechRepublic:

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