Trojanized Android Apps Hit Unregulated Asian Marketplace

By JDavis | 3/2/11 6:48 AM

Danger lurks in the Japanese Android mobile marketplace. The ever-sophisticated and growing Geinimi Trojan is targeting Android-based devices, and is concealed in repackaged versions of popular apps and games that are sold in legitimate and regulated markets. While it has recently been noted in Chinese and English language Android apps, this trend in Japan’s Android market is new and unsettling.

The authentic and trojanized versions of the Android app are identical. However, in the trojanized version, the Android Geinimi malware is running in the background, transmitting information to a remote location without the user’s knowledge. To help combat the Geinimi Trojan, Android users are urged to take preventative measures of their own.

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ZeuS Strikes Back on Mobile Bankers

By JDavis | 2/28/11 7:07 AM

A new variant of the ZeuS banking malware is targeting consumers who use their mobile phones to get two-factor authentication from ING Bank Slaski in Poland. This attack is similar to one that has occurred in Spain last September, according to researchers from the antivirus provider F-Secure.

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Android Malware Steals, Cheats, and Robs in Chinese Mobile Markets

By JDavis | 2/23/11 11:47 PM

There have been several reports of new Android malware in the Chinese marketplace so far. In one case, the ADRD (or Trojan: Android/Adrd.A) has been found to steal bandwidth by grabbing a list of search URLs, conducting them at a high volume in the background, and racking up excessive data charges.

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Banking Malware Moves From PCs to Mobile Phones

By JDavis | 10/5/10 6:27 AM

We've been blogging lately about the growing security threats facing mobile devices -- especially smartphones -- as sophisticated hackers move away from PCs, instead targeting the growing number of smart, connected portable devices.

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Plane Crash Linked to Malware

By JDavis | 9/14/10 1:14 PM

A recent article on The Register discusses the finding that a central computer infected with Trojans could have been a major contributor to the cause of a deadly plane crash in Spain two years ago.

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Hackers Moving From PCs to Mobile Phones

By JDavis | 9/2/10 12:40 PM

A recent article on The Kaspersky Lab's Threat Post blog describes the increasing vulnerability of today's technologically advanced smartphones to a new breed of malware and trojans. As sophisticated hackers move from targeting PCs to focusing on the new wave of smart, mobile phones, security solutions for these devices is lagging, much as it did for the PC market in its infancy.

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Windows Mobile Malware Targets Gamers

By JDavis | 6/16/10 8:45 AM

We've already posted about the growing threat of mobile malware as the mobile/smartphone market expands faster than security can keep up with it.

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