DIY Satellites Soon In Orbit

June 24, 2014

Move over, Sputnik—Now anyone can put a satellite in orbit. At least, that’s the claim of Interorbital Systems, previously a research and development firm and spacecraft manufacturer. Interorbital is now offering what seems to be a true first—TubeSat, a DIY satellite kit with an $8,000 price tag that includes putting said satellite in orbit. Here are some of the specs, according to

“TubeSat is different because it lets and hobbyist engineers and astronomers build the satellite themselves. Each TubeSat kit includes the satellite’s structural components, a printed circuit board, Gerber files (essentially blueprints), electronic components, solar cells, batteries, transceiver, antennas, microcomputer and some programming tools.”

Once TubeSat has been assembled, it is returned to Interorbital and scheduled for flight into space, with the first launch currently scheduled for Winter 2010. It’s yet to be seen whether the do-it-yourself kits will hold up during the rigorous launch, but for their money customers are offered a second chance for free should the first attempt fail.

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