Kali Linux (BackTrack 6) Now Available

By Robert Vamosi | 3/25/13 2:52 AM

A popular distro of Linux used for penetration testing has a new version and a new name.

Backtrack 6 from Offensive Security is now known as Kali Linux and remains completely free to download and use. Whats new? The company says it is mix between “everything” and “not much”, depending on how one used BackTrack. This page itemizing a few changes.

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Ubuntu Embraces The Internet Of Things

By Robert Vamosi | 2/20/13 2:39 AM

The Ubuntu, the popular Linux distro on the PC, is branching out to include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs.

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Ubuntu Now Available For Smartphones And Tablets

By Robert Vamosi | 1/3/13 5:41 AM

Ubuntu Linux is coming soon to a smartphone or tablet near you.

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One Laptop Per Child Promises $100 Tablets

By JDavis | 6/3/10 8:42 AM

The One Laptop Per Child project, a humanitarian effort designed to bring technology to the world's underprivileged children, has announced a partnership with chip manufacturer Marvell in the hopes of creating a tablet PC with a $100 price tag. By partnering with One Laptop Per Child, Marvell hopes to mass produce at a volume that would make the low price point possible, and aims for the tablets to hit the consumer marketplace as well.

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