The New York Times (And The Wall Street Journal) Hacked By Chinese

By Robert Vamosi | 1/31/13 6:50 AM

Two US newspapers announced they were hacked last year in an effort by the Chinese to monitor coverage of its premier and his associates.

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Chevron Also Hit With Stuxnet In 2010

By Robert Vamosi | 11/12/12 1:58 AM

Chevron is the first US company to acknowledge being hit with the Stuxnet malware.

Last Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chevron found the virus in July 2010, shortly after it was made public with infections in the middle east. The Journal said the malware "appears to be the result of the unintentional (and perhaps, inevitable) release of malware upon a larger network, much like an experimental virus escaping from a medical lab."

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Mocana CEO Adrian Turner Speaks to WSJ On Mobile Security

By JDavis | 12/23/10 4:07 AM

With more and more computing happening on smartphones, the proactive development of security solutions for these devices is critical, in order to prevent the kinds of major attacks from viruses and hackers that have already plagued PCs. And in a recent article, The Wall Street Journal looks at how carriers and hardware makers alike are devoting resources to increasing the security of their smartphone devices, including AT&T's new mobile security lab, staffed by 13 Ph.Ds. Additionally, they spoke to Mocana CEO Adrian Turner about securing devices on the chip level:

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