Apparently Microsoft Did Try To Acquire Nokia After All

By Robert Vamosi | 6/24/13 6:55 AM

When Microsoft partnered with Nokia a few years ago to sell Windows mobile phones the obvious question was why didn't they acquire the hardware manufacturer?

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Crowdsource This! A New Way to Combat SMS Spam

By JDavis | 3/3/11 6:09 AM

New reports point to the overwhelming impact of cell phone spam texts in developing countries – with an estimated 100 million spam messages reaching countries like India and Pakistan. While spam filtering for mobile phones take a similar form to email, it is less effective due to the short nature of texting.

SMSAssassin is the novel software that uses crowdsourcing spam markers to improve SMS filtering. Right now, researchers at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology in New Delhi are asking users to contribute their spam on a special Facebook page. Someday soon, they hope to allow users to share spam keywords with each other on a distributed network via Bluetooth.

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Good Technology Standardizes on Mocana to Secure Mobile Offerings

By JDavis | 7/25/10 7:44 AM

Mocana today announced that Good Technology has licensed its NanoCrypto cryptographic engine for use on supported mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Palm webOS. Good for Enterprise enables IT administrators to easily define and distribute configuration profiles and enforce compliance policies for devices using the web-based Good Mobile Control console. With solutions that combine a great user experience with the tools that IT needs to manage and protect its mobile enterprise, Good Technology will implement Mocana's NanoCrypto as their universal security client, protecting against increasingly sophisticated attacks directed specifically at non-PC smart devices.

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50 Arrests Made in Smartphone Spyware Probe

By JDavis | 7/7/10 8:54 AM

In sweeping raids conducted throughout the country last week, Romanian officials rounded up some 50 individuals accused of illegal espionage using an off-the-shelf product. Police have also arrested a 30-year old IT specialist accused of supplying the illegal software to suspects. According to Softpedia, he may have been reselling FlexiSPY, a product that advertises monitoring capabilities for a variety of smartphone platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

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One Laptop Per Child Promises $100 Tablets

By JDavis | 6/3/10 8:42 AM

The One Laptop Per Child project, a humanitarian effort designed to bring technology to the world's underprivileged children, has announced a partnership with chip manufacturer Marvell in the hopes of creating a tablet PC with a $100 price tag. By partnering with One Laptop Per Child, Marvell hopes to mass produce at a volume that would make the low price point possible, and aims for the tablets to hit the consumer marketplace as well.

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