Wi-Fi Users Beware: Firesheep on the Loose in Your Gmail, Facebook, and Other Online Accounts

By JDavis | 2/23/11 7:36 AM

Firesheep, the latest threat to Wi-Fi users, is free, open source, and easy for even the intermediate user to figure out. In fact, over the past three months, more than 1 million individuals have downloaded Firesheep and have the ability to see what other Wi-Fi users on an unsecured network are doing.

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Electric Cars and their Freedom to Roam

By JDavis | 2/22/11 8:04 AM

With more generations of electric cars coming, will they be subject to the same “roaming” that is found between cell phone providers? In a joint venture between Europe networking service providers, the development of e-roaming for the electric vehicle industry is forthcoming. This past week, Nokia Siemens Networks announced the development of a new authentication service, which will enable electric vehicle drivers to “roam,” at the Mobile World Congress.

E-Clearing.net is the brand-new service that will use your information (e.g., your charging contract ID or PIN number) to authorize charging among various electric car networks, simplifying customer billing much like how it is done with wireless phone service now.

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The Roughest, Toughest Canine Hunter -- Perfectly Engineered for the Military

By JDavis | 2/1/11 2:18 AM

What are they up to now? Some of the latest robot innovations from military contractors will astound you. Some of the top companies, funded by U.S. government projects, are releasing the latest generation of machines to be used for the military.

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AT&T Announces a High-Tech Pill Cap That Sends Text Reminders

By JDavis | 1/31/11 6:15 AM

AT&T and other major mobile operators are investing big time in the Internet of Things. Recently, AT&T has started tapping into other revenue-generating opportunities using M2M communications, which seeks to further connect consumer electronics with wireless networks.

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BMWs to Get Always-On Connectivity From AT&T

By JDavis | 1/11/11 12:07 AM

Automobiles have been playing an increasingly significant role in the Internet of Things, from GPS navigation systems to smartphone-connected entertainment consoles. And now, as reported on Engadget, AT&T has announced a partnership with BMW to provide always-on wireless connectivity to future automobile models.

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High-Tech Traffic Lights Prove Valuable to Thieves

By JDavis | 1/7/11 7:02 AM

Thieves in Johannesburg, South Africa have been racking up thousands in unauthorized charges by making phone calls using stolen SIM cards. But these aren't pick-pockets swiping cell phones from unsuspecting victims. These SIM cards come from a much less expected source--wireless traffic lights.

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New Medical Devices Require New Approaches to Device Security

By JDavis | 11/18/10 9:45 AM

As the use of implanted medical devices--including pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators and insulin pumps--continues to increase, the technologies driving them are becoming significantly more advanced. Today, many of these medical devices are using forms of wireless connectivity for communications, making these life-saving devices easier and more convenient for patients and their doctors--but also potentially putting them at risk of being hacked. These security and privacy concerns are driving security experts to explore a range of new options for protecting these critical devices and the patients that depend on them.

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Wireless Communications Error Causes Medical Device Recall

By JDavis | 10/26/10 12:37 PM

A drug infusion pump manufactured by CareFusion is being recalled due to a wireless communications error that can result in the interruption of drug delivery, which could ultimately result in serious injury or death. Due to the serious nature of the threat posed by this malfunction, the FDA has given the recall Class I status -- reserved for the most critical recalls.

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A New Way to Weigh-in

By JDavis | 9/27/10 2:12 PM

In a recent product review, Wired.com profiles a new wi-fi enabled, web-connected scale that turns weight management into a cutting-edge, interactive smart device experience.

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Disney to Set Web Toy Standards?

By JDavis | 9/15/10 4:00 PM

As recently reported on Engadget, Disney has announced its plans to introduce a set of proposed industry standards for internet-connected toys.

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