Commercial Android AV Products Miss Easy Malware

May 9, 2013

Having mobile antivirus on your Android phone may not be doing you any good say researchers.

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Google's New App Verification Service Misses The Mark

December 12, 2012

Google's new app verification feature built into to Android 4.2 (jellybean) is supposed to block malware before it gets downloaded from the app store, including Google Play. However, new research shows in its first 30 days the service is not quite ready.

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Android Susceptible To ClickJacking

July 9, 2012

Rookits, the bane of Windows PCs, will soon be a problem for Android users as well, according to university researchers.

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Android Malware Genome Project

May 23, 2012

A new project seeks to better understand mobile malware in order to better design solutions.

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