AT&T Jumps Into Home Automation

By Robert Vamosi | 5/8/12 2:36 AM

At this week's CTIA conference in New Orleans, La, AT&T announced Digital Life, it's home automation and security platform meant to rival Verizon's entry last year. Like Verizon's system, AT&T's will also support the Z-wave wireless protocol.

Digital Life is open-ended, meaning customers will be able to add a variety of thermostats, door locks, cameras, window and door sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and power controls to the system. It will be sold through AT&T stores and online, but no date has been set. A test program currently exists in Dallas and Atlanta.

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Hacking Homes Through The Power Lines

By Robert Vamosi | 8/9/11 2:27 AM

X10 is a communication standard for communicating between home automation devices. It is primarily used over power lines, providing brief frequency bursts to initiate, for example, On and Off controls. At this year's DefCon, researchers showed how X10 can be manipulated by a remote third party.

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