Apple's Flaws

June 24, 2014 is a website that allows iPhone, iPod and iPad users to easily jailbreak their devices—which means it allows users to download applications that do not come from the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, it also exploits a PDF vulnerability in the mobile Safari web browser—but the exploit may serve prove a larger point.

Apple's walled garden has failed, says ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. In a Thursday blog, he notes that the jailbreak community already has a patch for the PDF vulnerability—days ahead of the official patch from Apple. He concludes, "This means that the minority who jailbreak their devices are offered protection from this vulnerability, while millions who don’t jailbreak are left waiting on Apple for a fix." In other words, in this particular case, it is better to go against Apple's security policy and have a jailbroken iPhone.

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Apple Ducks Malware Questions

June 24, 2014

Mac users seeking relief from porn ads popping up on their desktop should not expect help from AppleCare technical support. Apparently, Apple doesn't believe the user's machines are infected.

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