Average Large Enterprise Is Riddled with 2,400 Dodgy Mobile Apps: Veracode

Mocana Mobile App SecurityA study by Veracode shows most large enterprises have almost 2,500 unsafe mobile apps running in their environment.

The study’s analysis revealed “14,000 unsafe applications,” of those which “85 percent expose SIM card contents, including device IDs, carrier information, SMS message logs, contacts and call history.”

Crucially, the study finds that deploying MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions is insufficient to secure an organization's mobile architecture, as the data was specifically focused on organizations that were using industry-leading solutions including Airwatch and MobileIron.

Perhaps it's time for security-conscious organizations to adopt a more app-centric approach to their thinking...

The following excerpt was originally posted on Datamation.com on March 11, 2015:

“Enterprises have a big problem on their hands, or rather in their hands -- literally.

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions alone may not be enough to protect organizations from mobile threats. A new study released today from Veracode, a provider of mobile application security services from Burlington, Mass., reveals that the typical large enterprise has roughly 2,400 unsafe mobile apps running in its environment, potentially putting users and their data at risk.

Veracode arrived at the figure after analyzing data from its cloud-based platform, which sniffs out risky apps when used in conjunction with MDM products like MobileIron, AirWatch and IBM's Fiberlink."

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