Who was the Man at "MAN"uSec 2016? None Other than Mocana's own CTO!

It’s like I brought the rain back with me from Chicago! Anyways…

We had a very good two days at the very first ManuSec 2016 put on by Qatalyst, an events company based out of London. The summit brought together about 100 representatives from all different kinds of manufacturing firms, such as food processors, pharmaceuticals, energy and chemicals.

Dean, our CTO, gave a stellar (if I do say so myself) presentation on why there is an urgent need for device security and how Mocana is helping with the chain of trust. We had great feedback and many people came up to us and asked us questions about best practices and how we see the security market transforming Industrial IoT in the future. There were also heated discussions around OpenSSL and the dangers of using opensource. Most of the security teams at these manufacturing companies understand that opensource is dangerous; there is no oversight and no one to go to for troubleshooting. Who is to blame when things go wrong, or conversely, who can take ownership when things go wrong? No one knows and that is a huge part of the issue with opensource security technology. To learn more about how Mocana counteracts opensource, read this whitepaper.

It was great to see all these discussions going on and it only solidifies the need for us to continue the work that we do. We need to work rigorously to develop security that will cover each part of the supply chain so that we mitigate risks of tampering and intrusion across the board.

Till next time!