Introducing Mocana IoT Security Platform

Gartner forecasts that there will be more than twenty billion connected devices by 2020.1 Mocana believes that these billions of connected devices represent a significant opportunity for attack.

mocana_launch_blog.pngA hacker that is able to take over a device controller in a factory or utility grid can wreak havoc by manipulating systems such as flow controls, compressors, power substations, wastewater management that can result in loss of critical services and loss of life.

These systems must be protected from external hacking by implementing stronger cybersecurity technology into the IoT devices themselves.

With Mocana's IoT Security Platform, you can expect:

  • Support for hardware-based roots of trust such as TPM
  • Automated certificate management using EST
  • An updated set of APIs to access the new trust abstraction and certificate management capabilities
  • Conformance to new FIPS 186-4 requirements

Integrate military-grade cybersecurity software into industrial control systems, controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote terminal units (RTUs), intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), device gateways and cloud platforms. 

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1. Gartner Forecast: Internet of Things — Endpoints and Associated Services, Worldwide, 2016. Published: 29 December 2016 ID: G00321441.

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