KeyDAR Encryption™

The industry's most advanced Data-at-Rest (DAR) encryption solution for Android Device Manufacturers.

About KeyDAR Encryption

Android devices have been proliferating across the mobile market at an incredible rate. As these devices increasingly show up in the hands of consumers, business professionals, and government employees, their risk for being targeted for attack also increases. In the unfortunate case where a device is lost or stolen, the data stored on the device ("data-at-rest") is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. This data can include sensitive files, calendar, contacts, application data, pictures, or even GPS location history. Carriers, enterprises and consumers are increasingly aware of these risks to mobile data and they are turning to Mocana KeyDAR Encryption™ for the answer.

Mocana's KeyDAR Encryption is a highly optimized data-at-rest (DAR) encryption solution that leverages Mocana's government-certified FIPS 140-2 Level 1 cryptographic module, NanoCrypto™ (certified as "Mocana Cryptographic Loadable Kernel Module"). 

KeyDAR Encryption is designed for Android device manufacturers, enabling encryption capabilities beyond what is natively available in the Android OS.

KeyDAR Encryption is the industry's most optimized DAR encryption solution for Android devices. The result is a high performing and efficient encryption solution with virtually zero performance penalties, such as, reduction in battery life, speed of data accessing, and overall user experience. Furthermore, with the assurance that the encrypted data can be implemented with an optional FIPS 140-2 Level 1 cryptography module, device manufacturers can be confident that their device will meet the stringent security needs of consumers, enterprises, and even government agencies.