Security of Things Crypto

[ NanoCrypto™ ]

The core of Security of Things platform--high-performance, ultra-efficient and government-certified cryptography engine, purpose built for embedded device OEMs and ISVs.

Problems Solved

Mocana NanoCrypto is a sophisticated, government-certified cryptographic engine purpose built for difficult and resource-constrained embedded systems environments. Mocana's core cryptographic engine secures millions of devices from hundreds of technology manufactures worldwide. It is, quite simply, one of the smallest, fastest and most comprehensive cryptographic cores on the market.

With out of box support over 35 operating systems, NanoCrypto enables device OEMs and ISVs to add sophisticated cryptographic security features to almost any type of device or application.

On platforms that support hardware offload of crypto jobs, NanoCrypto's low host CPU utilization extends battery life on handheld devices and remote sensors, while enabling even the most humble processors to use robust cryptographic techniques to protect sensitive information from disclosure and authenticate legitimate users, systems and data. 

NanoCrypto is written entirely in C, and assembly optimizations are available for several popular hardware platforms, including PowerQUICC, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, Coldfire, H8S and x86. Best of all, it's highly portable and supports over 35 operating systems and RTOS's out of the box. You can even use it in environments without any OS at all. NanoCrypto enables sophisticated developers to work directly with cryptographic primitives to build confidentiality, integrity and authentication features directly into their devices.

NanoCrypto offers developers a rich selection of cryptographic technologies, methods including RSA and elliptic curve, symmetric algorithms like 3DES and AES, message authentication, hashing and pseudorandom number generation. Best of all, FIPS 140-2 level 1 government certified NanoCrypto binaries are available for many popular platforms.

NanoCrypto Benefits

Works Where Others Won't 
NanoCrypto fits into tiny memory footprints where other implementations simply can't... and open-source packages can't match Mocana's throughput performance.

FIPS Certified with NSA Suite B Support 
All government agencies and most contractors require FIPS-certification of cryptographic engine —a difficult certification to achieve. NanoCrypto's core cryptographic engine is available to you in source, or as a government-certified FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated binary. Both source and binary versions include full support for NSA's Suite B algorithms, providing secure communications between high-assurance (classified) and basic-assurance systems.

Complete Solution 
There are a lot of other cryptography packages out there. But almost all of them are incomplete—missing critical standards, algorithms or code that you'll need to finish your cryptography implementation. Only NanoCrypto offers everything you need together in one package, to get the job done right—and fast. Guaranteed.

GPL-Free Code 
While open source code is labeled "free", it usually ends up costing a lot more than Mocana code in the long run, especially when engineering, testing and support costs are factored in. And since we guarantee that NanoCrypto contains absolutely no GPL code, you can be confident your intellectual property won't accidentally become public domain – something open source projects can't do.

Platform Independent 
NanoCrypto, like all of Mocana's device security toolkits, is CPU-architecture and platform independent. NanoCrypto is immediately available for over 35 operating systems and 70 processors. Platforms supported out-of-the-box include Linux, Monta Vista Linux, VxWorks, OSE, Nucleus, Solaris, ThreadX, Windows, MacOS X, (ARC) MQX, pSOS, and Cygwin. NanoCrypto is endian-neutral, and can be used without an RTOS if required.

Dramatically Speeds Your Development Cycle 
NanoCrypto is a ready-made, pre-optimized and exhaustively tested cryptography solution that frees your in-house development resources to focus on what's really important: the functionality of your project. NanoCrypto allows you to develop proprietary systems while giving you the freedom to substitute in the commercially available components you choose.